I was born in Tbilisi, the Republic of Georgia, a satellite state of the USSR. When I was a young girl, I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who recognized my talent and encouraged me to express myself in line, form and color. In order to support myself during young adulthood I enrolled in the Light Industry Technical College and obtained a degree in textile manufacturing. I used the skills I acquired in college to open a fashion boutique.


My ability to use color and form in design made the shop successful. In 1999, I came to the United States and was inspired by the many possibilities for art in the country. I rediscovered my love of fine art. I found myself surrounded by a free artistic environment, new materials, rich literature, as well as incredible libraries and museums. Using these new resources, I continued to teach myself new techniques. My work now possesses a spirit of freedom expressed in a wonderful world of lines, form, colors and symbolism textured by oils and other mixed media. Each piece of art is an honest and pure reflection of various periods of my life. My paintings capture emotions from my heart and soul. Finally, I depict my experiences of life with intensity and drama.


I have exhibited my work in locations around the tri-state area including Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey. Iā€™m constantly searching for new opportunities for collaboration with other artists, gaining new perspectives and engaging with new audiences.


Light Industry College, Republic of Georgia (1981-1984): Bachelor of Technology  Patent Institute, Republic of Georgia (1984-1986): Certificate of Patent Specialist