Artist Statement

Manana Tsilikishvili


I started producing creative work actively at the age of forty when I decided not to let “Life’’ interfere any longer. The first abstract painting impulse came to me in my early childhood, when studying at school in Georgia, former republic of Soviet Union. I remember when I was in school as a young girl, I was extremely fascinated by the spots of ink spilled out of an ink holder made in Soviet Union. Despite my teacher’s remark, I knew that my damaged paper with spilled ink all over it was more important and fun than the required school discipline. There was always a sense of protest in me against Soviet art and society, which brought me to the land of freedom at the end.


I never enjoyed cooking in the kitchen but I am a gourmand of colors. I think like a cook while painting. I make sure that colorful ingredients selected with my taste make a delicious, spicy and juicy work not just for me but for the viewer as well.


I was greatly influenced by the free spirit of American art. I was able to convey after communing with this spirit that which I didn’t think was possible to express before. The closer I got to painting, the more I was realizing my talent of expressing my pains, protest and beauty. My painting isn’t just fed by abstract styles, but rather personal tragedies, being away from my daughter for years, and also happiness and various life experiences. My experience of life isn’t reflected realistically in me. Thus, I depict in abstract way.


Today, I am working on forming my visual language. My experiences and taste help me in this. My painting is poetic freedom for me. I can transform colors into the Black Sea and make a sky as wet as a sea. I can call all of this a Black Sea War.